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Since 2017, The Stock Room is your source for the best deals on all your favorite products! We provide nationwide shipping in Canada, and shipping to the continental USA. We provide every day essentials at unbeatable deals, whether through, fixed price, auction, or wholesale.

We are conveniently located for pick-ups seconds from the Gardner Expressway and Kipling (301 Evans Ave), we are easily accessible to the GTA and surrounding regions.  All of our products are current and hot, sourced from large Canadian retailers and span across all categories to ensure we have a little something for everyone. Our products are thoroughly inspected and listed accordingly, and we provide a 30 day warranty on all electronic or mechanical items, or 30 day returns on any item if it was misrepresented. Customer satisfaction always is our number 1 priority.


All items must be picked up or paid for during the designated pick-up period for each auction. See specific auction details for dates.

NO HIDDEN COSTS! WHAT YOU BID IS WHAT YOU PAY - plus applicable tax ;-)


How it works you ask? Well, it's quite simple!

In a nutshell, we run frequent auctions in large groupings that will all end on a specified date, one item at a time. Please view the terms and conditions, and shipping information for each auction event for specific details. Bidding is open as soon as the auction group goes live, and more items can and will be added up until the closing day. Make sure you mark your calendar for closing day, because that's when all the action happens! Strap yourself in and watch the auctions end one at a time and see if you can score yourself an incredible deal! Our website updates live by the second so you can see bidding updates from the main auction page, or your watch list, in real-time! You can also place a bid on ANY page where an item is visible! If you are winning, you will see a green "Winning" label on the auction image, and if you've been outbid, you will see an "Outbid" label. Be sure to add the items you are targeting to your Watch List, to ensure you don't miss out on them.

Once the auction ends, you'll receive a combined invoice of all your winnings, with instructions on how to complete your order! Payment/Pickup period for each auction will be clearly outlined on the auction page and in its terms and conditions.


See something you like? Bid away!

You must be registered to bid, with complete and accurate information, and be 18 years of age or older.


Proxy bidding is a great way to bid, if you are not able to watch the auction end live. You can set your max bid (which is known ONLY to you), and our system will automatically bid for you, up to your max bid ONLY if someone bids against you. You can ONLY set your proxy bid through an item's specific listing page. For example, If you set your max bid to $100 on an item, we will proxy bid for you up to $100: if the next highest bidder only bids $1, and the auction ends, you will win it for $2, if they bid $50, your bid will be $51, and if they bid over $100, you will be outbid.


You can also bid using our "Quick Bid" function to quickly bid up the auction by one increment, which is handy during the closing moments of the auctions, and when bidding on multiple auctions at the same time as you can quick bid with several items on the screen. This is not a guarantee that you will be the highest bidder as someone may have a higher proxy bid, and will be outbid immediately. You can quick bid from ANY page where items are visible.

Add items you are interested in to your watchlist to track and bid on them all in one spot. You can view your watchlist and all of your auction bidding activity from your account section. You can quick bid on any items in your watch list or in your bidding activity.

Your bid is your bond and a legal agreement to purchase the item at your bid amount, should you win. If you've made a mistake and want to remove a bid, you may contact us, but repeated bid retractions can result in account suspension so please bid carefully. We also have a "large bid confirmation" in place which helps in preventing accidental large bids.

All items are easily searchable by any keyword through the search bar. You can also browse by category and filter results to help you pinpoint what you're looking for. We have anti-sniping in place (sorry snipers) in order to ensure a fair auction for everyone. If a bid is made within the closing seconds of an auction, a small amount time will be added to the auction closing time. Our auctions also have increasing minimum bid increments depending on the current bid amount. Typically all auctions bid under $100 will be in $1 increments, above that, it will change to $5 increments, and increase as outlined in the event details. 


Our auctions may have an auto extend. This means that if a bid is placed within the final seconds, additional time will be added to the auction, much like in a live auction. Auto extend details will be specified on a per auction basis.


I won stuff! What do I do now?? Once the auction group ends, a combined invoice of all your won items will be sent to you, with order completion instructions. You may pay in advance via Credit Card/Paypal through the online checkout, or you may pay in person upon pickup via cash, debit, credit. If you require shipping or courier, please contact us prior to payment, and we will update your invoice with the shipping costs, and then you must pay online. The pickup dates and times will be clearly communicated to you. Photo ID is mandatory for all pickups, for your protection, to ensure your items don't get swept up by some impostor. Please ensure you pickup/pay for your items by the deadline or they will be forfeit and re-listed for sale. Failure to pickup your items can also result in account suspension. If you need an exception, please contact us. Applicable taxes apply to all purchases. And best of all, we're open late for your pick-up convenience!


All of our items are thoroughly inspected and given an item condition, as well as inspection notes in the description of each listing. We use the following item conditions to categorize our item listings:

New: Items described as "New" are brand new and have store shelf quality packaging.

New Open Box: Many of the items we receive have damaged boxes, so we must open the box to inspect the item for condition or damage. Some items we receive are already opened. If an item is described as "New Open Box", it means it is an open box item with no signs of use or wear and tear, and is functional, in its original packaging.

New Opened to Inspect: These items were factory sealed but were opened to inspect contents and to ensure condition and/or functionality.

New Imperfect box: These items will be 100% brand new and/or factory sealed, but with imperfect packaging.

New Other: These items are indeed new and unused but may have a specific issue that would be outlined in the item description. For example, the item may have a cosmetic issue.

New Incomplete: These items are new in open box, but are missing a crucial component, which may need to be replaced in order to use the item at its full capacity.

New Repackaged: These items do not come with original packaging, but are in new condition.

Refurbished: Despite popular belief, refurbished does not always mean an item was broken and repaired. 95% of our refurbished items are store returns with very minimal signs of use, which have been cleaned and/or brought back to like new condition. The other 5% of the time, they are items that have been completely repaired and brought back to like new condition.

Open Box: An item that has been opened and handled but does not appear to have seen any significant usage.

Lightly Used: An item that appears to have been used once or twice but is still in very good condition.

Pre-owned: These items show signs of prolonged and sometimes heavy use. Please read descriptions for further details. 

As-Is: These items are typically for parts or repair and do not work as intended, or wholesale lots of assorted items, or untested items. There are no returns on As-Is items.


Returns are ONLY accepted if an item was found to be not as described. If you find an item not to be as described, we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction and provide a refund, exchange, or store credit depending on the situation and at the discretion of management. We provide a 30 day warranty on all electronic or mechanical items, unless marked "As-Is". Warranty is effective upon pickup or delivery date, and protects against defects which may occur through normal use of the product. Misuse of products will result in voided warranty. Some items may have an active manufacturer warranty, but it is up to the buyer to find out this information and should not make any assumptions as to manufacturer warranty. We are also very hip to return fraud and switcheroos, and as such we record serial numbers and are able to tell if items have been tampered with, so please don't try it ;-) See terms and conditions for more details.


If you have any feedback, or questions, we're always happy to hear from you! Stop by during store hours, send us a message, or give us a call! Also, all items are available for preview. Just pop on by and have a look.

Please view our terms and conditions for more info.


We are currently not accepting any consignment items at the moment.



We provide shipping to the continental US. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and must request a shipping quote prior to payment, once the invoice is received. US buyers are not subject to taxes with our service. Please note, our prices are currently in CAD only, so it will roughly cost 25-30% less when converted to USD. Our online payment system automatically converts USD to CAD so you don't have to worry about conversions.




The Stock Room

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Toronto, Ontario 

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